Tekken 6 psp Cw Cheats

The coolest cheat codes i know… Sorry for the bad quality… Here’s my database: uploading.com Update: _C0 Enable Arena Mode Special _L 0x1014D00C 0x00004025 _L 0x1015350C 0x00003F83 _L 0x2056F294 0x3ECF0000 _C0 Disable Arena Mode _L 0x1014E73C 0x00003F80 _L 0x1015350C 0x00003F80 _L 0x1014D00C 0x00003F80 _L 0x1015350C 0x00003F80 Just paste this on your cheat DB… All of the codes works really great…. Leave a comment, Rate then try to subscribe… I’ll be making more of these…. Special tnx to: TJ’s Daily Osmund Neuron You did quite the job!! I salute!!! XD

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