GTA 4 Cheats – The Ballad Of Gay Tony ( Parachute + Buzzard Cheat Codes )

Visit our website for mods, Jtags, XBOX 360 Back ups, Repairs, Install services + Much much More. Comment, Rate, Subscribe today. GTA 4 Cheats – The Ballad Of Gay Tony ( Spawn Parachute + Buzzard ) Spawn Buzzard (NEW!) Spawn a Buzzard helicopter in front of Luis. 359-555-2899 Parachute (NEW!) Give Luis a parachute. 359-555-7272 Enjoy. Editing and filming cpfilmsuk chaotic perfection films Credit to rockstar games for best game ever made. Tags – GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony APC Free Mode Location gta the ballad of gay tony how to bass jump in free mode jumping new weapons gta4 missions glitches glitch tutorials tutorial xbox 360 grand theft auto mods mod cheat codes cheats hacks secrets unlock finall boss funny fail parachute montage snipers helecopters rpg rockstar games video game play maps airport glitching cell phone help guides

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